Black Metal

Aggressive underground black metal power trio, deeply influenced by the Scandinavian second wave and old school heavy metal. Neither do we give a fuck about new trends, nor do we let ourselves be limited by what the pretentious wannabe black metal elite deems to be „true.“ We create black art from the deepest pits of our souls, and your opinion is as irrelevant to that process as any so-called „scene.“ The product of art is for the enjoyment of the people, but the creative process is for the enjoyment of the artist. Live shows are essential to our perception of black art, as it is the only time these two come together. We strive to create a dense athmosphere and an intense experience for ourselves as well as for the audience. Frankincense smoke and face paint are essential to that.
We do not associate with idiots. Especially not of the far-right kind. Go fuck off, you have absolutely nothing in common with us.