Angeschimmelt Youth Crew

Angeschimmelt Youth Crew is kind of a DIY-​collec­tive with a shitty name from Darm­stadt. We re­gu­lar­ly pro­mo­te shows at Oe­tin­ger Villa. The ma­jo­ri­ty of bands we put up shows for could be de­scri­bed as hard­core, punk, emo, screa­mo or post-wha­te­ver. But we’re pret­ty open min­ded when it comes down to gen­res, as long as it’s a nice tune and we enjoy a band’s sound. be­cau­se ha­ving an acoustic sin­ger-​/song­wri­ter show is awe­so­me too. We made quite some bands play in the last years. Visit our homepage for a full list and contact us if you like what you see. What we care about is a cer­tain DIY-​ethics and ha­ving fun, since we run all this stuff in our free time. We‘re just try­ing to make this bo­ring city fun again.